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Some mornings it seems impossible to get motivated and be productive. Here are 5 Simple ways to kick start your day and get moving.

5 Simple Ways to Get Your Morning Moving

The morning struggle. I am usually a pretty awake person in the morning. I like to be up early and get moving. Trying to get stuff done early in the day always makes me feel productive. However, we all have a rough start sometimes.

Struggling to Get Moving in the Morning?

Mornings can start out poorly because you stayed up too late. Maybe, you had a busy weekend or company over. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to pick yourself up in the morning and get moving. Occasionally you don’t have a lot on your to-do list and you can relax all morning. Those days, for me, are few and far between.

My struggle stemmed from a mini vacation with company visiting. I didn’t get any work done, my eating was atrocious, and I only worked out once in the last 6 days. No regrets, we had so much fun, but, eventually, the fun ends. I thought it would be easy to get going again. Not so much. Mentally I was struggling to get back into a routine and moving in the morning.

So during this struggle to get moving and motivated, I figured there were more people out there that struggled with this. So here are my best 5 ideas to get moving when you really, really, really don’t want to.

1. Play Your Favorite Song

Seriously, sometimes it’s just too darn quiet in the morning. It lulls you into sipping coffee in your bathrobe and watching cartoons with the snuggled up munchkins on the couch. Even if you don’t have a ton of time, pick your absolute favorite pump up song and hit play. Have a dance party while you make breakfast, shower or do your make up. Boost your mood and get yourself moving.

2. Take Ten Minutes to Meditate or Pray

Whatever your jam is, make it happen. Think about what you are grateful for today. What are you excited and looking forward to? What is your #1 top goal you are shooting for? Take some time to focus on what’s important and what really matters to you.

Pray. Ask for strength, patience, and motivation. Listen to worship music or read your favorite morning devotional. Do something that will help you get into a more focused and positive mindset. It will help you mentally get to a point where you are recharged and ready to take on the day.

3. Set up an Environment that Works for You

We currently live in an apartment building. There is a concrete retaining wall outside of our patio doors. Is it pretty? No, it’s really not. But, when I open the blinds it still brightens the house and brings in some sunshine. You won’t always be able to have the perfect setting to get motivated but work with what you have.

I have absolutely no good explanation for this, but I have been getting most of my work done lately wearing my favorite ball cap. This is not a superstition or a lucky hat. It just makes me happy. Helps me feel silly for wearing it in my bathrobe and working. I kinda love that I am choosing to spend my “working time” in my pajamas and hat. No one can say anything about it because I’m at home.

But, the point is, you have to figure out what will help boost your mood. Work with what you have available to you and make the most of it.

4. Make a List to Get Moving

I don’t care if you use a planner or a scrap piece of paper. Just write down the top 3 things you want to get accomplished today. However, don’t overwhelm yourself and write down a one-week long to-do list. Also, don’t waste an hour procrastinating by planning every minute of your day. Just get your top 3 priorities in line so you have a place to start.

My daughter gets panicked EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. when she is asked to clean her room. She is overwhelmed by the mess and doesn’t know how to start. So I have her pick one simple thing. Ignore the rest and just pick one thing. Are there shoes everywhere, easy, line them up in your closet. Next, is your tea set scattered around the house? Take your bucket, walk around and pick them up. Sometimes, a mess can seem a lot easier to handle when you do it one tiny step at a time. What you need is to narrow it down and just get started.

5. Turn Off Your Phone!

How many of us are guilty of getting stuck in the social media vortex for extended periods of time? This happens to me for sure. Turn it off if you can, put it on silent, or simply put it away from you. Mine usually has to be across the room on the kitchen counter or I will check it every two minutes. It is a distraction. I would love to turn it off entirely but I don’t like to when my husband is at work.

Not only does it distract me, but it can be exciting to see what other people are doing. Podcasts and IG stories that help motivate and inspire you are amazing. Except, when you never start doing anything because you are too busy being inspired or reading about someone else’s success. If you want to get moving in the morning, focus on yourself and your goals. Not someone else’s life.

There is one live IG story I like to listen to every morning at 8 a.m. I try and get some work done before this so that I am already rolling and don’t feel guilty about stopping to listen. Also, you can have it scheduled into your day so as part of your routine if it is something that holds that much value to you. I am not saying you have to cut everything out, Just plan your time for that. But, this is not two hours of scrolling your phone and not getting anything done. Be intentional with your time.

Get Moving and Don’t Stop!

It is super hard to get moving some mornings. However, once you get moving and start being productive don’t lose your momentum. If you are riding down a hill and gain momentum it’s easier to get up the hill on the other side if you don’t slow down and stop. Have you ever stopped on a hill and tried to get moving again? Wow. Not a fun event. Keep yourself moving and save your energy by using your momentum.

Your morning doesn’t have to be a total waste, you just need to focus on getting it on track. Do things that will boost you up, pump you up, and get you moving. Be tired and push through it. Do you have goals? Great! They are not going to accomplish themselves if you don’t figure out how to push through the obstacles and mental blocks. No one said it was always going to be easy. Get your mind squared away and have a lovely day!

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