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Achieve your fitness goals. No more excuses.

Achieve Fitness Goals by Making a Change Today!

Dreams of being healthy and fit?

Fitness can be a tricky thing. Whether your goals are to simply eat healthier, lose weight, or complete a competition or race. I believe that most people have some kind of fitness-oriented goal. What are your goals? Would you be willing to make some small changes today to achieve fitness goals? Some small lifestyle adaptations can make a huge difference!

How to achieve fitness goals!

2016 was my year! For the first time in probably ten years, I actually pushed myself to meet my goals. Between January and October, I lost 30 lbs. My goal was to lose weight, but also to eat healthier for my own general well being. I wanted to be a better example for my daughter (we only had one at the time,) and complete my first half marathon. Success. And it was absolutely glorious. I was happy, had energy and was proud of myself for sticking to it. I still had a wonderful summer, I ate s’mores and had ice cream and cookouts with the family. On most days, however, I still did my workout or maintained my eating plan. I was super committed to meeting my goals.

Push through the hard times

At one point I had a really hard mental struggle because I wanted to give up. My husband and I knew we wanted another child and the reality of becoming pregnant and having to start all over again was mentally exhausting. I finally decided that if I didn’t do it now I never would. I had to stop waiting for the perfect time and making excuses. The first time I got serious about my health wasn’t until my daughter was almost two years old.

This time around I am starting early. My second daughter is now 2 months old and the show has begun. It is a slow process because I am still nursing so nutrition is key. Following a modified meal plan has allowed me to be losing weight but I am actually eating more calories just much cleaner then I have been. I have been working out but started slowly to see how my body would respond. I wanted to achieve fitness goals but in a healthy way that was respectful of all my body had been through.

Do You! Not what someone else wants you to do

I am absolutely NOT saying that everyone has to get right into losing weight after having a baby. Simply explaining that it was one of my own personal goals and something I felt strongly about. Some people are also not able due to c-sections or other complications. All of you Mommas are amazing so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or make you feel pressure to do something just because it is what they believe is right!

Okay, bunny trail over with. The point is that having met my goals once, I know I can do it a second time. If I hadn’t gone for it the first time and met my goal weight, I have a hard time believing that I would be working towards those goals again this soon after baby number 2 and trusting that I will make it there again.

Small changes in your daily routine = change!

Find what motivates you and push for those goals, stop waiting around for the perfect moment. The perfect moment is now. Start small if you have to, go for a walk, buy a bag of chopped salad, pack your lunch for work twice a week instead of eating out. Just start making some kind of a change. Some are better than none. It will be worthwhile I promise. Maybe you want more kids, or you have some kind of surgery coming up, or it’s almost Christmas and there is just sooo much good food, stop saying you can’t do it, or that you will start later. Today is the day.

Want to achieve fitness goals? Don’t stop trying.

The first time around I did a few rounds of hardcore 21 Day Fix without cheats, from then on I followed the meal plan with occasional cheats, but my workouts varied. I started my half marathon training. If anyone is feeling intimidated or unsure about wanting to do a race let me just say I started from the ground up. Even having done a few rounds of 21 Day Fix first, running was still so far out of my reach that I was scared. It had been a long time (a few years) since I had been running consistently.

Start slowly and at YOUR OWN level

I started doing a walk-run. Seriously like 30 seconds running, 1-minute walking and so on. There is some great Couch to Half Marathon, and Couch to 5K type training plans you can find online. I did that for quite a few weeks until I felt comfortable enough to just push through a regular training plan. I started running in April and my half marathon was at the end of September.

The training plans I followed had 2-3 days a week that required some kind of cross-training. I was living in Upstate NY and there were very few gyms around. Plus the reality of making it to the gym when I was with my 2 year old seemed daunting and was becoming an excuse not to go. My cross training days were almost always some kind of exercise DVD that I could do at home. I did some of the 21 Day Fix videos and also some Les Mills Combat ones. I loved the Les Mills Combat ones because the music was fun and my daughter would actually do them with me because we were “dancing.”

Know your obstacles and constraints

My husband and I were on a super tight budget, so being able to train and get in shape without spending lots of money was huge. Anything you can do to remove the obstacles and excuses that are holding you back will help you reach your goals faster. On a super random note, if you are on a tight budget and want to eat healthy go to ALDIs. For real such good groceries for cheap. Also, create a meal plan with specific dinner plans. Make your grocery list based on the list will help keep you on budget and eating healthier throughout the week. When you are not feeling like making dinner because you can’t decide what to make, it’s already done and decided. No excuses.

I have never been much of a “meal prepper” as far as preparing a weeks worth of food on the weekend. I cannot eat the same things all week, and chicken that is more than 2-3 days old kinda creeps me out. Having a meal plan helps me stay on target without doing a four-hour meal prep session on Sundays. About the only thing I actually do to prep is washing my vegetables and fruits in an Apple Cider Vinegar when I get back from the grocery store. Then I chop up some veggies and put them in a huge Tupperware container so that throughout the week my family can have vegetables and hummus as a snack. I also like to keep chopped up sweet peppers, onions, and tomatoes on hand for omelets and salads.

Achieve fitness goals by not quitting!

Seems too simple? It’s not simple and it’s not easy. But if you don’t stop trying until you figure out what works with your budget, time, and body, you will have success. So there are a few random ideas and suggestions that I initially had no intention of writing about in this particular post! But the main point of this is to stop making excuses. Figure it out and create short cuts that work for you and can save time. I stick with it if I have food ready to go in my house.

Usually, I follow my workouts when I can change them up so I don’t get bored, but conveniently do them at home. I have a much better time following a training plan v. simply trying to work out every day. Having a specific plan seems to help me with mental blocks. Set yourself up for success. You can achieve fitness goals if you are willing to change your daily habits. Whether it’s one small change at a time or you go crazy and turn things around all at once. Just do what works best for you that is consistent and sustainable and you will find success.

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