Life Before Dawn


Tracy Whitmarsh

Hey guys! My name is Tracy and I would like to thank you for coming to take a look at my blog. Some basic facts, I am 29 years old, living in beautiful Tennessee since the fall of 2017 and so far we are loving this state. My husband Joe and I have two beautiful girls Caroline who is almost 5 years old, and Sarah who is just over a year. We are hoping to eventually buy a house and actually put down some roots. This was our 12th move in almost 9 years of marriage and we are determined to find some stability for our entire family.

Now that you know a little bit about me and my family, let me explain why this website exists at all. I decided to start this website as part of a “finding myself journey.”¬†

Have you ever had those conversations with people where they ask “What are you planning to do for work when the kids are in school?” There are so many versions of this question but it boils down to me realizing that at 29 years old I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life as far as a career or job.

It feels wasteful to be constantly paying off student loans when I am not putting my degree to good use, but eventually I discovered it would benefit me more to stop feeling guilty and just try to figure out what suited me and my family the best.

So after reading other people’s blogs I started thinking about writing my own, simply to write down some thoughts and ideas. Mainly I was hoping to use this blog to keep myself accountable for things like staying on a budget and working out. Even if no one was reading it I would feel pressured because I put my goals out there on the scary internet.

So after researching how to start a blog, I realized this was something people do as an actual job. There is so much more to it then what I thought was simply writing down your thoughts. I am super excited about this journey and the fact that I finally feel like I have found something to pursue long term that could benefit my family and my mental health at the same time.

I love staying at home with my girls but I feel like I need something more to push myself. I also am not wanting to start over a career at 35 when my youngest girl makes it to school. So I decided “why not pursue a career blogging right now instead of holding off on life for 5 years?” It is my hope that I could help people with similar issues and concerns that I am facing, that I could earn some extra income for my family, and also to push myself and show my girls that they don’t have to limit themselves to a small box of ideas if what they truly want to pursue in life seems a bit different. And that is basically how this page came into being, so without further delay…

Welcome to Life Before Dawn!

Feel free to browse around and see if there is any content here to motivate or entertain you!

On this site you will find some posts about everyday life struggles, fitness, motivation, goal setting and much more. The majority of the topics are something I have probably done horribly wrong at some point in time and would like to pass on some “what not to do” or “what to avoid” suggestions. So expect some awesome stories of failed attempts and hard lessons learned. Most of these topics are also situations that are still under construction in my own life. My husband and I are still trying to budget correctly, decrease our debt and increase our income. I am still personally trying to eat healthy and build exercise into my daily routine. I am still trying to figure out how to motivate myself to accomplish everything on my list without missing my girls’ childhood or constantly feeling overwhelmed.

Basically I would like to invite you to experience this crazy life with me and maybe we can figure this thing out together. I want to help you figure out how to be happy when you are stuck at home with your tiny miracles and haven’t talked to another adult other than your husband in three days. I want to motivate you to pursue any goals you have that may seem impossible or hard to manage when you are waking up at 5 a.m. every morning and have little to no energy throughout the day.

I want you to stop waiting on life to happen for you, enjoy the “phase” you are in and make the best of it. keep pushing forward and making progress when it seems like dawn is soooo very far away.

So cheers to a completely imperfect life filled with mistakes and trial by error. Certainly life would be boring if everything was perfect and took no effort on our part to achieve our goals. Please enjoy and feel free to contact me. I will be trying to add more content weekly so stay tuned.