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I wasted my day. Whoops! Now what?

Ever have an entire list of things to do for the day that it maybe seems overwhelming of intimidating? So there are some days where I want to be awesome and productive to complete my lengthy list, but it simply doesn’t happen. Then the guilt sets in because whoops! I wasted my day. Let me back up a bit and explain how my day went for a minute.

How I wasted my day

It should have been a great day! High of 73 degrees today…it is February! This is amazing, I wanted to vacuum and finish getting the house squared away. Put away the laundry I folded last night, get in my workout this morning and possibly a walk with my little girls since it is so warm. Chances are daddy will be taking the oldest to the playground when he gets home from work. I was banking on that time to get dinner ready and work on this site for a little while. Next thing I know I look up at the clock and I have totally wasted my day. Fail. Epic fail.

Own it, accept it, and move on

You are probably expecting me to talk all about pushing through and having a great day even when you don’t want to, but the simple reality is that some days will seriously not be your best day. Today was not my best. I had a sore throat that started last night. I have managed to avoid this season’s sickies so far, even though most of my family has already had it. But it has unfortunately caught up with me. Being sick is my excuse, but the absolute honest truth is that I was not feeling like doing life today. I wasn’t super exhausted, and the kids slept pretty well. The weather is great, and the girls were actually behaving/taking good naps which should equal optimum productivity. The problem was me. Sometimes it’s good to accept that since I am human it will happen occasionally.

Go back in time and get most of my day back and change it? Not gonna happen. Finish my extensive to-do list by the end of the day? Not a chance! There was cleaning I wanted to do, but the other reality is that there is literally ALWAYS cleaning and laundry to do. What I needed to do but have been procrastinating on, was getting more content on my site. Then I wanted to mess with the formatting to get it looking the way I would like.

Picture your goals and dreams completed

Blogging is a whole new world to me and I’m still trying to figure out how all of it works. In order to get this up and running, I need to be working consistently and daily. Just spending an hour on it every other week will not get me to me where I want.

One of my goals is to get this site working so that I can have it for a little bit of extra income for my family. I want the opportunity to help other people learn from mistakes I have made or can offer some insight to. Also, I would like to use this site as an outlet for ideas, thoughts and to be accountable for my goals. So even though I have two baskets of laundry to fold and put away, and vacuuming (which has to wait until naps are over.) I am sitting here in the kitchen, in my sweatpants and getting this post written up.

Just writing this post has drastically improved my mood. We are all too hard on ourselves and don’t give ourselves slack if we don’t accomplish everything we intended. I simply refuse to spend the rest of the day feeling guilty and stressed out. What didn’t get done or still needs to be done is not always the most important thing in life.

Since I had less time then I had planned for my day, I prioritized a few things. Included were priorities based on my goals. This site, and later making dinner. In case anyone was curious, my lazy unproductive morning consisted of a lot of Olympics, helping my daughter make some Valentine’s Day cards, and eating way too many cookies that my daughter and I made last night.

However, don’t get too comfortable!

That all being said, it is okay to be human and have a bad day and not feel guilt over it. However, the majority of the time I do need to give myself a kick in the pants to get things done and to get moving in the morning. So my overall advice to all of you is that you can cut yourself a break, but do not let that become a daily thing. Today I wasted my day. Tomorrow I intend to wake up and get my workout done before 6 a.m. so that we can get our day rolling. I will follow my eating plan (not consuming a thousand calories worth of Andes Mint cookies) so that I can continue to pursue my health/weight goals, and I WILL have a good day.

I wasted my day…used it as motivation for the next

Falling into a rut and letting yourself make excuses every day is not going to get you where you want to go. Lessons come from acknowledging and learning from yesterday’s choices. I chose to have a wasteful day, but I am also choosing to not feel guilty and have a better day tomorrow! Sometimes the power of words can actually be all the motivation you need to accomplish it. Declare “I will have a good day tomorrow!” Take a day off, stay in your pajamas and binge watch Netflix or the Olympics. Whatever you prefer, but then get back into it and attack life as ferociously as Wonder Woman searches for Ares.

Don’t wait and say “I’ll start over next Monday” or “next month I will start doing things differently.” To be completely cliched, there is no time like the present. Doing things multiple times turns into habits that turn into lifestyles. Choose to have good habits that will lead to the lifestyle you want to have. Tomorrow will be better.

Writing this post has motivated me and lifted my mood a bit, I plan to start my diffuser, chug some water, and maybe I can still get some laundry done before the munchkins wake up. As soon as you are able to talk yourself out of your self induced funk, the better. Don’t dwell on it and feel guilty, just pick up and get on with things.

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  1. Jess

    I love this! One of my biggest challenges is overcoming my crummy time management skills. When I plan ahead, it always amazes me how much I can get done but if I don’t have that plan, I lose hours each day. And on top of that I have chronic pain flare ups that can really wreck even my most carefully planned days. It’s so helpful to hear you remind me to not feel guilty. Embrace the day for what it has become and choose to have a better day tomorrow. I feel like this needs to be a motivational plaque or something to hang in my room! Thank you! ❤️

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