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Having faith sounds easy, until your plan is clearly not God's plan. Learn to have faith when you are disappointed, and to avoid the pain by trusting God.

Real Faith During the Disappointment

You’re love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.
– Chris McClarney

Faith is found before you see results

Has your faith ever been tested? Surely we all have moments where we doubt God’s perfect plan for us. Maybe we try to force something to happen or get disappointed when it doesn’t go the way WE planned it. What about how God planned it? What would be more important? Our plan or His?

Faith in my own plans

Recently I had a possible job opportunity. Everything pointed to this opportunity being from God. There was favor. I applied for a position but they chose to interview me for a higher position. There would be some outstanding benefits that would have made a huge difference in the lives of my family. I was so excited. It was a company I strongly believe in and support their mission. 

Long story short, after four interviews over the course of three weeks I received a quick email stating the position was not going to work out. I was asked if I would be interested in a position that was even lower than the initial one I had applied for. I was so very disappointed. Of course, I told myself all of the traditional silver linings that did nothing to improve my attitude. It wasn’t meant to be and that’s all there was to it. 

Disappointment and chocolate chip cookies

I made the standard pity party chocolate chip cookies, I was not patient and kind with my children, and I barked at my husband, who is arguably going through a harder struggle right now. I told myself it was one day. One day to be disappointed and then tomorrow I would move on.

Well, I did move on. The next day I had sort of reached acceptance and was resigned to waiting for what the next step was. Now, let’s be clear, God does not want us to complain all the time, however, he does understand and sympathize with our disappointment and pain. I had a very clear view that God has a different plan and there must be something better for me and my family out there. Clearly this job was not part of our path or at least not at this time.

Reflecting on faith and attitudes

What later occurred to me, of course, while showering because that is always where the best deep thinking happens, was that I lacked faith. I had prayed before each of the interviews. I asked God for favor if this was his plan, to help me through the interview process and provide financial means for an upcoming change for our family. I prayed that I would receive clarity of God’s perfect plan and for my purpose in His Kingdom.

I prayed this and truly believed it. At the time. However, in retrospect what I am now understanding is that I had faith because it appeared to be going in a direction that I approved of. I thought I had faith in God’s plan and in His perfect timing, but what I had was my own plan that I hoped would line up with His. 

Faith does not cohabitate with explanations and reasons

I believe there is a purpose for everything. Maybe I went through the process to keep me busy until the right timing arrived for the next opportunity. Maybe God wanted me to understand and grow my faith so that when the next steps in my life arrive I will be really truly prepared to trust in Him. God may never reveal His purpose to me and that is okay as well. 

My job is to trust that God loves me, he will always take care of me, provide for me, and protect me. His love never fails. Which means, God did not drop the ball. I did. I believed that my plan was greater than whatever amazing plan God has for my life and that of my family. Whatever the purpose was, I can always trust that He is bigger and more powerful than one missed job opportunity. 

God accomplishes the Impossible

In an email distributed by the Elijah List there was a prophetic word shared by Kathi Pelton titled Prophesy the Good Report and Watch Your Miraculous Breakthrough Happen. In the article, she talks about numerous times throughout the Bible where the impossible occurred. It was by the Lord’s Spirit that all of these miracles occurred. She explains that the impossible scenario should be your greatest hope because “He is the God of the impossible (not improbable).”

God needs us to trust in Him. The amazing plans he has for our lives, the lives of our families, the country, and the entire earth are far greater than we are able to make happen. Without miracles and impossible situations being resolved there would be no impact. Just as Moses was trying to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, God kept hardening Pharaoh’s Heart. God wanted the entire world to see His incredible power so that everyone would believe in Him. 

Faith does not need to be proved

It is easy to have faith when we can visualize a plan happening. It is harder to truly believe in the unseen that we probably can’t even imagine happening. Faith and trust in God are not conditional to results. It is an absolute trust that He will take care of us in His own perfect time and in His own perfect way.

One of my favorite definitions of Faith came from Max Lucado in his book Unshakable Hope. I don’t remember the exact quote, but he described faith as having complete trust in God’s promises. Whoa, I never really thought of having doubt or a lack of faith as basically saying God doesn’t keep His promises. Trust in God and his promises.

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