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Ever finally find your groove headed towards fitness goals only to get sick? Recover from sickness faster so you can get back on track!

Recover from Sickness to Fitness

Sooo I really hope you all are doing great with your fitness goals and healthy eating. If you have gotten off track because of a sickness, cold, stomach flu or other, then I want to help you get back into it. Preferably without losing any of the progress you already made. You cannot lose your motivation and drive because of one setback. Let’s recover from sickness together so we can move on!

If a Cold Lasts 1 Week, Why Does it Take a Month to Get Back?

I think the reason sickness becomes such a problem is because it isn’t really something you can control. It’s a lot easier to excuse yourself when you didn’t choose to get sick. Not so easy to say I wanted to eat all of that junk food and skip my workouts. Sickness is a legitimate excuse that can be carried way past its expiration date. Mostly because it sounds like a better excuse then something you had control over.

So about a week and a half ago I put my little girls to bed and settled down to relax with my tea before bed. Instantly my stomach started with horrible cramps. After about three hours of stomach cramps, I finally started to throw up. TMI I know, but this has a point. Honestly, after getting sick I finally started to feel a little bit better. I didn’t end up getting any sleep until about 2 a.m. The next day was horrible.

Use the Support You Have to Help You!

My husband who had been working late the night before got up early to help me with the girls. I spent all day taking small naps all over the house where ever I could find a place to lay down. No joke I slept on the living room floor for a bit. I sat down to try and play with the baby and passed out.

Eating anything more than a handful of oyster crackers and a piece of toast to take Excedrin, was not possible. I was so dehydrated I got a terrible headache which is pretty typical of most sicknesses. So I spent the day not worrying about eating plans or the workout I missed. I survived the day with my kiddos once my husband had to leave for work, and rested as much as possible.

What are the First Steps to Recover from Sickness?

Fast forward to the next morning. Shockingly felt a little bit weak but otherwise completely normal. Like eggs and toast for breakfast kind of normal. I still had coffee, but I did skip my pre-workout and normal vitamins to try and give my stomach an easier day to recover.

Pounding water, no joke, all. day. long. Actually managed to follow my normal macro counts and started to get a bit more energy after food. I was tempted to skip my workout because “I was super sick yesterday.” Well, I was super sick, but I’m not today and I decided not to use it as an excuse. My body felt capable of some lighter exercise.

Listen to Your Body!

Please please do not misunderstand, you need to listen to your body if your body still needs more time to rest. Skip your workout if your stomach still feels off then eat whatever helps it feel better. What I am saying you shouldn’t do, is eat 3 Pop Tarts, two chocolate bars, and a pizza because you were sick yesterday. Reasonable yes?

If you feel well enough then jump back in, but if you don’t then yes, eat the chicken soup or toast, things that will give you a good enough caloric intake to help your body recover and heal. As far as workouts you can also modify. I had to seriously ask myself what I thought my body could handle since I wasn’t at 100% but I still felt well enough to do something.

Adjust Accordingly to Help You Recover Faster!

I chose the 21 Day Fix Lower Fix video. It’s only 30 minutes and I have done it enough that I know there is not much cardio or high impact exercises. Cardio was not something I could handle that day. Some strength training was something I was very capable of. I started feeling so much better so much faster. Listening to my body when it needed rest, but also pushing when I felt able worked well. I helped restore my health with food that would actually fuel my body.

If you have a head cold then you will probably be sick a lot longer then I was. Do whatever you need to in order to recover. Rest, eat chicken soup, and nap. Skip workouts, chug water and sleep some more. Listen to your body and take care of it. Do what you are able to instead of grabbing a reason to slack off.

Nutrition is Meant to Nourish! Help Heal your Body.

Maybe you feel better after a hot shower and your cold is holding off. Go for a walk to at least keep moving and get some fresh air. Just make smart choices. If something is not going to help heal your body then it’s a NO! That includes junk food. Not exercising when you actually do feel well enough will only hurt yourself.

Recover from Sickness to Fitness by Making Good Choices, NOT Excuses.

Don’t let something like a minor sickness, which is mostly out of your control, be the thing that holds you back. Take control back. Whatever means you are able to use in order to get headed back in the right direction. Choose not to let the sickness be your excuse that defines your failure. Instead, the sickness can be one small bump in the road of your overall journey. Recover from sickness faster so you can get back to your fitness goals. Don’t lose the progress that you worked so hard for.

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