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It's time for Tuesday Turn Around! This week I had to realize how important it is to be Present and grow where you are right now.

Tuesday Turn Around Episode 101: Be Present

Let’s Try Something New!

I was driving home from work the other day and dreaming of plans for the future and how to make them happy! I stopped suddenly and realized that I was beginning to ignore the present. I was not trying to learn and grow today and be the best at my current job at work, or parent to my children. I was planning the future and ignoring the now.

So I was thinking maybe sharing this mentality mistake would benefit someone else. The tricky part is, I want it to be positive and not always focusing on weaknesses or struggle points. So The idea I came up with is to try and come up with one thing every week that I struggle with, or maybe an epiphany I had. This can be interactive! Journal once a week and try to find an area for improvement, leave a comment or send me an email and share your lessons learned!

I am going to honest with you all, this may be hard at first. I am going to try and be honest and vulnerable and share with you my own mistakes. It will not always be something I am proud to admit happened, but I believe I can grow more from not only admitting my mistakes but turning them around into a lesson.

Perhaps you made a big mistake or regret the way you handled it. We often recognize these moments but I know at least on a personal front, I could be much better about deciding what lesson I learned and how to, wait for it….”turn it around!” I want you to take your mistakes and regrets and figure out a way to learn and move on from it!

The first “Tuesday Turn-Around” is born!

So here’s a shocker for you, I came up with this idea because I was in the middle of learning a lesson myself.

I recently started a new job! A huge huge change for my family. I have been a stay at home mom for the majority of the last six years. So having our 6-year-old and 2 1/2-year-old girls in daycare is a big change for us. We will have two incomes which means a huge opportunity so pay off student loans

Ahh I digress, the point is, I am learning a totally new position in which I have very little experience. I absolutely love the company, love my team, and I love (at least as far as I know) the job that I will be doing.

Dream a Little Dream

Unfortunately, I caught myself dreaming of the future instead of being excited about killing my current job that is still so very new to me! I have so very much to learn and room to grow! I was considering 5, 10, 15-year plans for where I would like to go in my career.

Present Success v. Future Success

There is nothing wrong with thinking ahead, but maybe give yourself 6 months to a year to fully settle and focus on doing a great job where the Lord has placed me. After all, I wouldn’t be where I am if He didn’t think it was the best place for me.

The lesson I learned arrived in the form of dreaming and future goal setting. I love setting goals, and I love dreaming of the future and making big plans. What I struggle with is finding a good balance. Sometimes I can get too caught up in looking forward to future plans. There are three common things that can happen, and sometimes all three can happen at once!

1. Missing the Present

Have you ever been so excited about the next thing coming down the road that you forget to enjoy the present situation you are in? This has happened to me so many times! My husband and I have moved so many times! I am tired of moving, but at the same time, I find it an exciting adventure.

Where I struggle is looking forward to the move, which may even be months away, and I catch myself just wishing away weeks or even months of my life because I cannot be in the present.

When you feel like you are waiting for the sun to shine, put on your rain boots, and enjoy the storm!

2. Resenting the Present

Okay, so clearly you can miss things happening around you. Relationships to be made lives you could help change and have an impact on. But once you look past all of the things you are missing, you will probably discover that it became the root cause of discontentment.

If you are constantly looking towards the next best thing, you start to resent where you are. An apartment that was a huge blessing for your family becomes the apartment that sucks and you can’t wait to be in your own house. If you are excited about quarantine being over (we all are btw!) you might start to think of the time you had to spend with your family in an unkind light instead of as a blessing.

3. Idealizing the Future

Ever heard the phrase “the grass is always greener on the other side?” So I always assumed this occurred from a lack of knowledge. Maybe things appear amazing until you experience them and learn the reality.

What I am starting to discover is that our imaginations are running away with us! Have you ever focused on something so often that you have built up the situation into something way more dramatic than the reality? My husband and I discovered this when we moved back to our hometown. In our minds, it was the amazing time we had growing up and spending time with friends.

Guess what we didn’t picture looking forward to this move? Maybe the job market there kind of is terrible! Options are limited, daycare is limited, our friends have mostly moved away, most of our families and siblings have moved away!

Beware of dreaming so big that you forget to add in a dose of reality so you do not end up with “buyer’s remorse.”

The Lesson: Don’t Look So Far Ahead

There is a time and a place for dreaming and setting a plan to attain those goals. Sometimes you just need to make sure that part of that plan includes being happy where you are and learning everything you possibly can. Grow in the Present to have a stronger foundation in the future.

Figure out where you can grow and how much you can help others where you are now. If you learn to have a mindset of serving others when you are not living your ideal dream life, then if you ever reach the dream, you still won’t know how to be happy where you are.

The happiest people are the ones who are happy now, not waiting to be happy in the future. So if you realize you are being too focused about moving forward, shift that energy towards being a better version of yourself where you are now. When the Lord sees you being a good steward of the life He has given you, you will be trusted and blessed with more.

Find where you are Struggling and Turn it Around!

I am going to do this series every Tuesday! Every Tuesday I will post an area I struggled with or a mistake I made and try to figure out a way to turn it around into a lesson learned. We learn more from mistakes then you do from victories.

So let’s start to learn from our messes and grow from them!

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