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Ready to achieve your goals? Then get ready to ignore the critics and focus on what you want. You do you without apologizing and hit those goals!

You Do You And Forget The Rest

How to Begin Your Year the Right Way!

And so begins a new year. I know, this sounds like the start to a really corny motivational story or sales pitch. But here is one of my current pet peeves. I feel like the new year, new season, New Year’s resolutions all get a bad rap. No matter what you call it. Why is it so wrong for people to want a fresh start? To want to make a commitment to accomplishing a goal. Pursue their dreams, or better themselves? Ever heard the phrase “you do you?” It means stop worrying about what everyone thinks and do what is best for you.

Make Goals…Ignore the Skeptics!

How many people are afraid to say that they want to start working out or eating healthy? You can count on a minimum of five people rolling their eyes and saying “ya the gym is always packed for the first two weeks of January.” How condescending. To put people down for making goals and trying to push for themselves is unacceptable.

I love love love January. Having a season dedicated to focusing on changing things that you are unhappy with. A time for setting goals, planning ahead and thinking of where you want to be next year. Who doesn’t occasionally imagine what things will look like down the road? To look back at the journey and see the obstacles you were able to overcome. This is something we all can enjoy.

You do You, Proudly and Loudly!

So instead of worrying about what people will think of your goals, or who will be judging you for having them, let’s all just celebrate that we took time to make goals! You want to make changes in your life for the good and you have an end result in mind. That end result is now your motivation. Bam! Didn’t realize that you just gave yourself the best reason to not give up or quit did ya? Put a picture on the fridge if you have to. But imagine your goal accomplished and work for it.

Make a List and Check it Twice!

My husband and I sat down last year, December 2017, and actually wrote out our goals for 2018. Both individual and family, financial and fitness. We covered everything you can imagine, but we wrote them down. Once or twice we re-read them throughout the year to help focus ourselves again. So fast forward to December 2018 and we got to look at our list of goals and see what all we had accomplished. Beyond exciting to see how far you came.

I was super excited to make a new list. If you write down even your small goals, then you will start to realize how much of an impact they will have on your year. My husband and I made our list so that 2019 will hopefully be our best year yet. We spent this whole last year using it as a joke. “Hey, we got goals!” That was the phrase we ended up repeating when one or both of us wanted to deviate from the plan. We even used it as our excuse when people invited us to do things. Eating out and driving all over the state is expensive and was holding us up.

New Beginnings and New Challenges

So writing them down was big for us because it holds us accountable, but it was also a huge moment of accomplishment to be able to look back at the list and see what we had done. 2019 is a year I am beyond excited about. We are finally settled in Tennessee and planning to stay put. My husband and I have moved 12 times in over 9 years of marriage and we are exhausted.

We are excited for a season of stability, to own our own house by this fall hopefully and begin to build the home that our two girls will grow up in. They will have all many of their childhood memories in this place and area, have the same school and make wonderful friends. Honestly, I’m even excited to be settling in long enough to make some friends that I don’t have to constantly move away from.

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

I am also hoping to lose weight, eat healthier, but also start pushing myself out of my comfort zone a bit more. I have never done too much in the area of lifting, but I am learning slowly and figuring it out. Fear has always kept me away from “that part of the gym,” because it’s usually people that are super fit and actually have a clue what they are doing! I have started to venture to “that side” and see what works best for me.

Ultimately, I would like to not just lose weight but become more toned and strong. I used to be that…years ago! There are thankfully a lot more resources now than there used to be. You cannot pull up the Pinterest app and not see at least one suggested workout plan. For any and every target area, for beginners and advanced, running plans and tutorials. You can literally Youtube whole workouts or just basic exercises and how to use the equipment properly. There is no longer an excuse for me to not pursue my goals other than fear of what I’m not comfortable with. And my pride which will probably only suffer a tiny bit if I make a fool of myself learning something new.

You do You and Find Your Happy!

So I shared a few of my own goals and some of the obstacles I am determined to overcome to get where I want. What are some of your goals for the new year? Do you have a definite measurable end goal that you can keep track of? I have very specific ones written down that can easily be checked off yes or no at the end of the year. Give yourself the chance to win and get what you want!

The big picture here is to You Do You! Stop worrying about what others will think or what judgment might come your way. Decide what you want, put your excuses to the side along with all of your fear and pride and just go for it. Don’t be afraid to go for something that seems impossible. Have a wonderful new year and enjoy a season where you can really make the changes you want to see.

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  1. Michael Bristol

    Love this and needed it as well. Thank you for your honesty and inspiration. Making time to work out is important and a goal I have for this year. I have no excuse as hotels have gyms and I have one at home. Just gotta do it! “I got goals!”

    1. Tracy Whitmarsh

      I have been making excuses for well over a year now after having Sarah! Totally gets us all.

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