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Do you need help getting motivated again? You need an exciting new goal that you can push yourself towards. Stop wasting energy without a direct focus.

You Need an Exciting New Goal Today

It’s July finally!!! We are now halfway through the year. How did you start your year? Lot’s of amazing exciting goals you planned to achieve this year? Are you still working on them? Are you struggling to find the drive and motivation to keep pushing through the year? Perhaps you need a new goal to get you moving again!

Summer is hard guys! It is great to enjoy the sunshine and pool. Maybe the kids are on a break from school and you have a cookout every weekend with friends and family. It is so easy to get caught up in summer activities. If you need help staying productive throughout your summer check out this post on how to balance your summer. However, what I want to look at right now is why you are struggling to keep going at the moment. 

At Some Point In Time We All Struggle to Find Motivation

Maybe you are just reading this and it’s fall or winter. The main point is that we all struggle at times. The most highly motivated person you can imagine probably has times where they are struggling to stay motivated. Why do you think that happens to all of us? Maybe, just maybe you need a new goal!

This could mean adjusting an old goal, or perhaps you just need something new and exciting to get you fired up again.

Did you recently finish a goal?

Maybe you failed or gave up, maybe you achieved your goal and finished! Go you! Seriously anytime you finish a chapter, whether it was accomplished, you decide to go a different direction, or it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, you are going to hit a mental wall.

It can be super exciting to start something new. But, you have to remember to actually choose and start something new!!! This was totally me a few weeks ago. I was really struggling to keep eating healthy, I was walking and getting exercise but not giving it my best effort. I was going through the motions of what I should do without any drive or actual effort. 

Lack of a New Goal Can Catch You Off Guard!

Want to know what happened? I met my goal. For a year and a half, I have been working towards a weight loss goal. Guess what? I made it! Seriously a year and a half of always being motivated, trying new things, struggling over plateaus and some injuries so that I could keep going. After a year and a half of being excited and fired up, I suddenly was purposeless.

The best part is, I didn’t realize it had happened. Sure I knew that I had met my goal, but I intended to keep eating healthy and exercising. I didn’t realize the reason I was struggling mentally so much to just SHOW UP and workout, or not snack on my kiddos Cheeze-its or Pop Tarts, was because I had no goal. Just eating healthy was not specific enough for me to actually follow it. 

Don’t get Discouraged, Get Excited About Your Choices for a New Goal!

Once I realized what had happened, I got excited! Wait, I get to set another goal? I love setting goals guys, you don’t even know. I have other goals for my family, our finances, our work, etc. But, now I get to pick another fitness/health oriented goal and it can be anything! Don’t laugh at me, but, I literally scheduled time into my day to sit down and brainstorm. What goals do I have for the future? What is important to me? Am I concerned with weight loss? Muscle gain? Do I want to run another half marathon? There are so many exciting options!!! I am beyond excited to spend time focused on a new goal that can be anything I choose. 

If you are struggling to get moving or feel motivated. If you are feeling depressed or lacking some drive, take a step back and try to figure out what your goal is. Are you working towards something specific or are you unintentionally flying in the wind without a purpose? Find a goal and get fired up about it!

Take Some Time to Pray/Dream/Meditate

Just relax and close your eyes. Sounds silly ya? Seriously though, I want you to picture yourself living your best life in 6 months, maybe a year. Just imagine what you would enjoy. What would make you happy? What do you want to try that you haven’t before? Could you push past where you have already been and really shoot for greatness? Maybe it’s an event, a business goal, weight loss, a half marathon, anything!!! ANYTHING! 

Just relax and let yourself breath. Don’t think about what other people expect out of you or what they will think. If you are religious then pray that God will help guide you in choosing goals that will further your purpose in life. Pray that you can do something incredible to bring glory to God and be an example to other people. Whatever is your jam, you need some quiet time to seriously decide how you want to devote your time and energy.

Call in the Ghostbusters! No, but for Real, Call a Friend.

You need to go visit someone for coffee or chat on the phone. Talk through your problems. What are you struggling with, what has you feeling depressed? Maybe you just need someone to vent to and get your head unscrambled. Maybe, you need someone else’s non-judgemental perspective to help you recognize what you can’t see.

I did this. No joke, I was on the phone with my twin sister, we talk almost every day. Usually about nothing in particular, but on one special day, she let me vent out my frustrations. I was totally down on myself about slacking off and not feeling motivated to keep working out.

The Light Bulb Came On

While I was venting to her on the phone I literally heard myself say that I had gotten down to my weight loss goal I set a year and a half ago. Bingo. Bells and whistles sounded. I had hit my goal and all the sudden had no direction to focus all my energy on. It had been focused so hard for a year and a half that without a reason anymore it was just fogging around me. 

If I hadn’t talked to her about what was going on, if I hadn’t answered her questions when we started talking about what I was struggling with, I might have never realized what was missing. It helps so much to have a friend to vent too. It also helps if you are struggling to set a goal to brainstorm with someone. What are their goals and dreams? Maybe you could train for a race together. You never know what the future holds until you come out of your own little box and breath the fresh air of human interaction.

Collaborate With Your Spouse on Your New Goal

Do you have a spouse or significant other? Have you ever tried to pursue a goal that had large time requirements, a good amount of will power and not had the support of those closest to you? You have a spouse living with you that can help you. Maybe you make couple goals that you want to pursue. Maybe it’s simply accountability or needing them to watch the kids so you can go for a run quick. 

Perhaps you need them to stop bringing home pizza twice a week. Whatever the case is, they can either help you or hurt you. If you never discuss your goals with them, then they may feel left out and certainly don’t know how best they could help encourage and motivate you. Maybe they wanted to join you in reaching for a goal, and instead, you left them behind. You have a built-in support system if you live with someone. Use it to your advantage.

Do You Remember the Reason You Set a Goal in the First Place?

Maybe you have a very specific goal that you are still working towards. Sometimes you can lose motivation when you forget the purpose behind it. Why are you trying to lose weight? Why are you trying to find a new job? 

There is always a good reason for having a goal, but we often get so obsessed with how quickly we do or do not see results that we tend to forget how important the results are. No matter how long it takes or how much hard work it takes, the results will be worth it in the end.

Maybe you need a new job because you are unhappy with the work environment and it is causing you anxiety. Perhaps, you need a better paying job so that you can pay off your debt and start saving for retirement. If you are trying to lose weight is it because there are heart issues in your families past? Maybe you are looking to gain some self-confidence so you feel more comfortable being intimate with your spouse. Shhhh don’t get your panties in a bunch I am not going to expand on that one. 

For real though, whatever your reason for setting a goal, the reason needs to be the absolute focus of your mind so that you don’t forget the “why” of all the hard work you are putting in.

Find Yourself Some Inspiration!

If you are struggling to find motivation with a friend, your significant other, your own personal reason why you set the goal in the first place, then look for a new source of inspiration. Listen to a podcast, search for a new library book, hit up google and find a blog where someone is writing about a similar goal. You can find inspiration from pretty much everything. You just need to take some time and find one that works best for you. 

When I realized I needed a new fitness goal I ended up listening to a podcast that led me to borrow two different books from the library. Maybe you don’t find exactly what you need from one source but you can always keep searching for ideas and suggestions.

Stop Being So Picky and Just Listen

I have a few people that I love to follow that give amazing financial advice, business advice, and self-development strategies. I have heard so many people say “oh well I heard he thinks this works.” Or “she said this thing once that I disagreed with.” You do not have to agree with everything everyone believes, says or does. If that were the case none of us would have any kind of significant relationships in our lives. 

You can learn from people. Hear their stories and pieces of advice, learn what to do, learn what not to do, take a tiny bit of inspiration and create your own idea. The point is you will probably never find one person that believes in the exact same things as you do. Find a few that inspire you and leave the rest that doesn’t speak to you. Find inspiration somewhere and stop being so particular about who and where it comes from!

Bring it All Back Around and Get Moving on Your New Goal

Come back to the main point! You need a new goal! You need to find inspiration, get fresh ideas, and figure out why you are setting a goal. Try Following these simple steps to get yourself started and moving again!

  1. Did You Recently Finish a Goal?
  2. Meditate/Pray and Find a New Goal
  3. Call a Friend
  4. Collaborate With Your Spouse
  5. Find Your Reason “Why”
  6. Look for Some New Inspiration

It seems silly, but once you have a goal set in place, the best way to start making some progress is to start early in the day. If you start your morning feeling motivated and purposeful is will help carry you through the day. You will feel better about yourself, be in a better mood, and probably start noticing some amazing changes to your daily routine. If you struggle with starting early you can read more about How to Get Moving in the Morning.

If you catch yourself without a goal or simply needing to get excited about your purpose, then fear not. We can help you get fired up again so that one week, or even one month from now you can look back and already notice the improvements you worked hard for. Change doesn’t happen immediately or easily, but it is possible one day at a time. If you would like some super helpful resources to help you get started fill out the form on the bottom to get free access to my exclusive resource library!

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  1. Andrea Arceneaux

    What a great post about finding your motivation and keeping it. I am a person who needs a game plan to stay motivated. I love what you said about taking time to pray/meditate. A friend challenged me and a group of friends to spend ten minutes a day being silent and just listening and worshiping God. I intend to keep those silent times in my routine because it has helped me to regroup and refocus.

    1. Tracy Whitmarsh

      Yes! I really struggle to find quiet time because of the kids. When I am able to take five minutes even when they are playing happily it makes such a huge difference to the rest of my day.

  2. Tiffany

    Thank you for this reminder that I have goals that I set at the beginning of the year to get through! These are excellent tips. Thank you!

    1. Tracy Whitmarsh

      Thank you! I really should start doing some kind of quarterly check-in to stay focused throughout the year. I get distracted far too easily!

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